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elastix::ProgressCommand Class Reference

#include <elxProgressCommand.h>

Detailed Description

A specialized Command object for updating the progress of a filter.

There are 3 ways to use this class.

auto command = ProgressCommandType::New();
command->ConnectObserver( filterpointer );
command->SetStartString( " Progress: " );
command->SetEndString( "%" );
filterpointer->Update(); // run the filter, progress messages are printed now
command->DisconnectObserver( filterPointer );

So, first an instantiation of this class is created, then it is connected to a filter, and some options are set. Whenever the filter throws a ProgressEvent(), this class asks for the progress and prints the percentage of progress.

auto command = ProgressCommandType::New();
command->SetUpdateFrequency( maxnrofvoxels, 100 );
command->SetStartString( " Progress: " );
command->SetEndString( "%" );
elxout << "Looping over voxels... " << std::endl;
for ( unsigned int i =0; i < maxnrofvoxels; ++i )
command->UpdateAndPrintProgress( i );
command->PrintProgress(1.0); // make sure the 100% is reached
#define elxout
Definition: elxMacro.h:184
auto command = ProgressCommandType::New();
command->SetStartString( " Progress: " );
command->SetEndString( "%" );
elxout << "Reading, casting, writing..."
command->PrintProgress( 0.0 );
command->PrintProgress( 0.33 );
command->PrintProgress( 0.67 );
command->PrintProgress( 1.0 );
// example assumes reader, caster and writer have been configured before

Definition at line 90 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

Inheritance diagram for elastix::ProgressCommand:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

using ConstPointer = itk::SmartPointer< const Self >
using Pointer = itk::SmartPointer< Self >
using ProcessObjectPointer = ProcessObjectType::Pointer
using ProcessObjectType = itk::ProcessObject
using Self = ProgressCommand
using Superclass = itk::Command

Public Member Functions

virtual void ConnectObserver (itk::ProcessObject *filter)
void DisconnectObserver (itk::ProcessObject *filter)
void Execute (const itk::Object *caller, const itk::EventObject &event) override
void Execute (itk::Object *caller, const itk::EventObject &event) override
virtual const char * GetClassName () const
virtual const char * GetEndString () const
virtual const char * GetStartString () const
virtual const boolGetStreamOutputIsConsole ()
void PrintProgress (const float progress) const
virtual void SetEndString (const char *_arg)
virtual void SetStartString (const char *_arg)
virtual void SetUpdateFrequency (const unsigned long numberOfVoxels, const unsigned long numberOfUpdates)
void UpdateAndPrintProgress (const unsigned long currentVoxelNumber) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer CreateAndConnect (itk::ProcessObject &)
static Pointer CreateAndSetUpdateFrequency (unsigned long numberOfVoxels)
static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

 ProgressCommand ()
 ~ProgressCommand () override

Private Attributes

std::string m_EndString
unsigned long m_NumberOfUpdates
unsigned long m_NumberOfVoxels
ProcessObjectPointer m_ObservedProcessObject
std::string m_StartString
bool m_StreamOutputIsConsole
unsigned long m_Tag
bool m_TagIsSet

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstPointer

using elastix::ProgressCommand::ConstPointer = itk::SmartPointer<const Self>

Definition at line 97 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ Pointer

using elastix::ProgressCommand::Pointer = itk::SmartPointer<Self>

Definition at line 96 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ ProcessObjectPointer

using elastix::ProgressCommand::ProcessObjectPointer = ProcessObjectType::Pointer

Definition at line 105 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ ProcessObjectType

using elastix::ProgressCommand::ProcessObjectType = itk::ProcessObject


Definition at line 104 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ Self

Smart pointer declaration methods.

Definition at line 94 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 95 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProgressCommand()

elastix::ProgressCommand::ProgressCommand ( )

The constructor.

◆ ~ProgressCommand()

elastix::ProgressCommand::~ProgressCommand ( )

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConnectObserver()

virtual void elastix::ProgressCommand::ConnectObserver ( itk::ProcessObject *  filter)

Connect an observer to a process object.

◆ CreateAndConnect()

static Pointer elastix::ProgressCommand::CreateAndConnect ( itk::ProcessObject &  )

◆ CreateAndSetUpdateFrequency()

static Pointer elastix::ProgressCommand::CreateAndSetUpdateFrequency ( unsigned long  numberOfVoxels)

◆ DisconnectObserver()

void elastix::ProgressCommand::DisconnectObserver ( itk::ProcessObject *  filter)

Disconnect an observer to a process object.

◆ Execute() [1/2]

void elastix::ProgressCommand::Execute ( const itk::Object *  caller,
const itk::EventObject &  event 

◆ Execute() [2/2]

void elastix::ProgressCommand::Execute ( itk::Object *  caller,
const itk::EventObject &  event 

Standard Command virtual methods.

◆ GetClassName()

virtual const char * elastix::ProgressCommand::GetClassName ( ) const

Standard ITK stuff.

◆ GetEndString()

virtual const char * elastix::ProgressCommand::GetEndString ( ) const

◆ GetStartString()

virtual const char * elastix::ProgressCommand::GetStartString ( ) const

◆ GetStreamOutputIsConsole()

virtual const bool & elastix::ProgressCommand::GetStreamOutputIsConsole ( )

Get a boolean indicating if the output is a console.

◆ New()

static Pointer elastix::ProgressCommand::New ( )

◆ PrintProgress()

void elastix::ProgressCommand::PrintProgress ( const float  progress) const

Print the progress to screen. A float value between 0.0 and 1.0 is expected as input.

◆ SetEndString()

virtual void elastix::ProgressCommand::SetEndString ( const char *  _arg)

Set and get the string ending each progress report.

◆ SetStartString()

virtual void elastix::ProgressCommand::SetStartString ( const char *  _arg)

Set and get the string starting each progress report.

◆ SetUpdateFrequency()

virtual void elastix::ProgressCommand::SetUpdateFrequency ( const unsigned long  numberOfVoxels,
const unsigned long  numberOfUpdates 

Define when to print the progress.

◆ UpdateAndPrintProgress()

void elastix::ProgressCommand::UpdateAndPrintProgress ( const unsigned long  currentVoxelNumber) const

Update and possibly print the progress to screen. The progress information on screen is refreshed according to the UpdateFrequency, which is assumed being specified beforehand using the SetUpdateFrequency function.

Field Documentation

◆ m_EndString

std::string elastix::ProgressCommand::m_EndString

Definition at line 167 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_NumberOfUpdates

unsigned long elastix::ProgressCommand::m_NumberOfUpdates

Definition at line 177 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_NumberOfVoxels

unsigned long elastix::ProgressCommand::m_NumberOfVoxels

Member variables that define the update frequency.

Definition at line 176 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_ObservedProcessObject

ProcessObjectPointer elastix::ProgressCommand::m_ObservedProcessObject

Definition at line 173 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_StartString

std::string elastix::ProgressCommand::m_StartString

Member variables to define a start and end string for printing.

Definition at line 166 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_StreamOutputIsConsole

bool elastix::ProgressCommand::m_StreamOutputIsConsole

Member variables to keep track of what is set.

Definition at line 170 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_Tag

unsigned long elastix::ProgressCommand::m_Tag

Definition at line 171 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

◆ m_TagIsSet

bool elastix::ProgressCommand::m_TagIsSet

Definition at line 172 of file elxProgressCommand.h.

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