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itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction Class Reference

#include <itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h>

Detailed Description

A cost function that applies a scaling to another cost function.

This class can be used to adapt an existing, badly scaled, cost function.

By default it does not apply any scaling. Use the method SetUseScales(true) to enable the use of scales.

Definition at line 39 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

Inheritance diagram for itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

using ConstPointer = SmartPointer< const Self >
using NumberOfParametersType = unsigned int
using Pointer = SmartPointer< Self >
using ScalesType = Array< double >
using Self = ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction
using SingleValuedCostFunctionPointer = Superclass::Pointer
using Superclass = SingleValuedCostFunction

Public Member Functions

virtual void ConvertScaledToUnscaledParameters (ParametersType &parameters) const
virtual void ConvertUnscaledToScaledParameters (ParametersType &parameters) const
virtual const char * GetClassName () const
void GetDerivative (const ParametersType &parameters, DerivativeType &derivative) const override
virtual bool GetNegateCostFunction () const
NumberOfParametersType GetNumberOfParameters () const override
virtual const ScalesTypeGetScales ()
virtual const ScalesTypeGetSquaredScales ()
virtual bool GetUseScales () const
MeasureType GetValue (const ParametersType &parameters) const override
void GetValueAndDerivative (const ParametersType &parameters, MeasureType &value, DerivativeType &derivative) const override
 ITK_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_MOVE (ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction)
 itkGetModifiableObjectMacro (UnscaledCostFunction, Superclass)
virtual void NegateCostFunctionOff ()
virtual void NegateCostFunctionOn ()
virtual void SetNegateCostFunction (bool _arg)
virtual void SetScales (const ScalesType &scales)
virtual void SetSquaredScales (const ScalesType &squaredScales)
virtual void SetUnscaledCostFunction (Superclass *_arg)
virtual void SetUseScales (bool _arg)

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

void PrintSelf (std::ostream &os, Indent indent) const override
 ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction ()
 ~ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction () override=default

Private Attributes

bool m_NegateCostFunction
ScalesType m_Scales
ScalesType m_SquaredScales
SingleValuedCostFunctionPointer m_UnscaledCostFunction
bool m_UseScales

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstPointer

Definition at line 48 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ NumberOfParametersType

Definition at line 62 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ Pointer

Definition at line 47 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ ScalesType

Definition at line 65 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ Self

Standard ITK-stuff.

Definition at line 45 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ SingleValuedCostFunctionPointer

Definition at line 63 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ Superclass

using itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::Superclass = SingleValuedCostFunction

Definition at line 46 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction()

itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction ( )

The constructor.

◆ ~ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction()

itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::~ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction ( )

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertScaledToUnscaledParameters()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::ConvertScaledToUnscaledParameters ( ParametersType &  parameters) const

Convert the parameters from scaled to unscaled: x = y/s.

◆ ConvertUnscaledToScaledParameters()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::ConvertUnscaledToScaledParameters ( ParametersType &  parameters) const

Convert the parameters from unscaled to scaled: y = x*s.

◆ GetClassName()

virtual const char * itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetClassName ( ) const

Run-time type information (and related methods).

◆ GetDerivative()

void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetDerivative ( const ParametersType &  parameters,
DerivativeType &  derivative 
) const

Divide the parameters by the scales, call the GetDerivative routine of the unscaled cost function and divide the resulting derivative by the scales.

◆ GetNegateCostFunction()

virtual bool itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetNegateCostFunction ( ) const

Get the flag to negate the cost function or not.

◆ GetNumberOfParameters()

NumberOfParametersType itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetNumberOfParameters ( ) const

Ask the UnscaledCostFunction how many parameters it has.

◆ GetScales()

virtual const ScalesType & itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetScales ( )

Get the scales.

◆ GetSquaredScales()

virtual const ScalesType & itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetSquaredScales ( )

The ITK convention is to use the squared scales. This function returns the squared actual scales.

◆ GetUseScales()

virtual bool itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetUseScales ( ) const

Get the flag to use scales or not.

◆ GetValue()

MeasureType itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetValue ( const ParametersType &  parameters) const

Divide the parameters by the scales and call the GetValue routine of the unscaled cost function.

◆ GetValueAndDerivative()

void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::GetValueAndDerivative ( const ParametersType &  parameters,
MeasureType &  value,
DerivativeType &  derivative 
) const

Same procedure as in GetValue and GetDerivative.


itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::ITK_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_MOVE ( ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction  )

◆ itkGetModifiableObjectMacro()

itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::itkGetModifiableObjectMacro ( UnscaledCostFunction  ,

Get the cost function that needs scaling.

◆ NegateCostFunctionOff()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::NegateCostFunctionOff ( )

◆ NegateCostFunctionOn()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::NegateCostFunctionOn ( )

Set the flag to negate the cost function or not.

◆ New()

static Pointer itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::New ( )

Method for creation through the object factory.

◆ PrintSelf()

void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::PrintSelf ( std::ostream &  os,
Indent  indent 
) const


◆ SetNegateCostFunction()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::SetNegateCostFunction ( bool  _arg)

Set the flag to negate the cost function or not.

◆ SetScales()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::SetScales ( const ScalesType scales)

Set the scales. Also computes the squared scales, just in case users call GetSquaredScales (for compatibility with the ITK convention).

◆ SetSquaredScales()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::SetSquaredScales ( const ScalesType squaredScales)

The ITK convention is to use the squared scales. This function takes the square root of the input scales and sets them as the the actual scales

◆ SetUnscaledCostFunction()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::SetUnscaledCostFunction ( Superclass _arg)

Set the cost function that needs scaling.

◆ SetUseScales()

virtual void itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::SetUseScales ( bool  _arg)

Set the flag to use scales or not.

Field Documentation

◆ m_NegateCostFunction

bool itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::m_NegateCostFunction

Definition at line 151 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ m_Scales

ScalesType itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::m_Scales

Member variables.

Definition at line 147 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ m_SquaredScales

ScalesType itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::m_SquaredScales

Definition at line 148 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ m_UnscaledCostFunction

SingleValuedCostFunctionPointer itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::m_UnscaledCostFunction

Definition at line 149 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

◆ m_UseScales

bool itk::ScaledSingleValuedCostFunction::m_UseScales

Definition at line 150 of file itkScaledSingleValuedCostFunction.h.

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