Par0022 - elastix

Registration Description

intrapatient; rigid + B-spline transformation; statistical shape regularization

Image data

More details about the data are described in [1].


Inter patient registration of cervical images.

Registration Settings

For parameter files see the Elastix Model Zoo repository on GitHub.

elastix version: 4.5

In this work the StatisticalShapePenalty module is introduced in elastix. In order to use this as a metric you need to build elastix from source with the cmake option StatisticalShapePenalty selected.

An additional script is used to generate the model from a training set. The python script together with an example training set is provided on the GitHub repo.

Published in

The method and experiments are published in:

[1] F.F. Berendsen et al., Free-form image registration regularized by a statistical shape model: application to organ segmentation in cervical MR, Comput. Vis. Image Understand. (2013),

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