Par0044 - elastix

Registration Description

intra-subject; multi-image; affine (Mutual Information) + multi-image B-spline transformation (Mutual Information and mean square difference);

Image data

Single phase cardiac CTA acquired in diastole, slice thickness 0.4 mm, in plane resolution 0.35 mm.

Dynamic stress CTP after adenosine acquired in end diastole. Reconstructed with a 2 mm thickness and in plane resolution of 0.35 mm using a medium-smooth B23f kernel. From the reconstructed sequence a single frame is selected based on maximum contrast and best alignment with perfusion map.


Registration of myocardium from CTA to CT perfusion using myocardial territory labels for regularization

Registration Settings

For parameter files see the Elastix Model Zoo repository on GitHub.

Published in

Hirschler and Munting (2016) - Transit time mapping in the mouse brain using timeā€encoded pCASL

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